Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer Phase 1- Day 2

Hello, there!

It looks like writing blog posts is harder than following this program. I am on day 2 of the first phase of JE’s LFT program and I feel like million bucks. Seriously, just because I have sugar (blood glucose) problem, it seems like little extra protein foods and less carbs and simple sugars are doing wonders for me. I know I am just in the beginning of it, so there will be a lot of room for complaints! We will see, I will let you know how I feel real talk!  🙂

I would say that her recipes and some (minimal) creativity from me is what helps me to not feel hungry and miserable. 😉 For breakfast in the morning I am really trying my hardest to eat those 5 egg whites! OMG! I hate egg whites! And they have to be 5!!! Well, I found out that if I make 5, I always have a little bit left. I can’t eat them all. Remember I have a serving of starch (oats) with some mixed berries. I love oatmeal. I have to make sure I have some space in my tummy for it too.

Yesterday for breakfast I had 4 egg whites with some peppers and mushrooms. For my starch I had 1/2 cup of oatmeal with mixed berries and some almond milk (no sugar). All sugar addicts be aware this is a really low sugar program! You may not like it. Haha!

Egg whites+Veggies+Ketchup+Hot sauce+Oatmeal+Berries+Almond milk

For my second meal I had 4 of JE’s Pumpkin Protein Bars (I have a lot more of these babies left) along with my coffee with some almond milk and stevia. It felt like some gourmet coffee shop kind of snack, but way cheaper and healthier. 🙂

Since I worked a night shift I took pictures of the food that I took with me in my cooler. I am still not very comfortable snapping pictures of my food in front of my coworkers. They know I am nuts but still…! 🙂

Nothing  too fancy here. I had some baked tilapia with herbed brown rice and some fresh veggies (cucumbers and tomatoes). The second container was filled with JE’s meat muffins, same brown rice, same veggies. The third one was 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. This was quite a lot of food, but I checked the calorie value of all that you supposed to eat and it happened to be around 1200 calories. Isn’t this amazing how much you can actually eat, but because it is clean food, it doesn’t weigh your numbers down! 😉

There are a few people who went through this program already and they also have their own blogs and Facebook accounts, so I think I have to check them out again to get some inspiration. I have to include more variety in my food. I am so excited to try new recipes. I will be posting them too, as I am making them, to show you that it is not that hard. It just needs a little bit of pre-planning.

As far as the exercise part goes, it is really not that hard to do. I am going to have to switch to a little heavier weights.

Let’s move on to Day 3, shall we?!! 🙂

See you all next post!

xoxo Dobie 🙂


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I am 27 years old girl with serious passion for healthy living and delicious food! I just created my blog, about my journey back to health, through clean food and exercise. I will be posting my own opinions about my experience with different foods, diets, exercises, etc. ***Please MAKE A NOTE THAT I AM NOT A DOCTOR, PERSONAL TRAINER OR A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL!***
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