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How is everybody doing?

It is a gorgeous Thursday morning here in Chicagoland!

The other day Stan and I we went out on a fun and relaxed date night! We went to a nice greek restaurant for a quick dinner before our movie started!

The place is called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. We really enjoyed the delicious greek dishes we picked. But the star of the night was definitely the dessert- Baklava Cheesecake! How is that for fabulous?  It was to die for!

Our dinner started with a Greek salad!


It included a bed of spinach, topped with tomatoes, geen peppers, red onions, diced cucumbers, olives and mmm feta cheese! 🙂


This was my Chicken Souvlaki! It was served with steamed veggies and potatoes. The chicken was grilled to perfection, nice and tender. 🙂


My husband ordered their Meat Lover’s Pizza. I tried a piece and it was delicious!  🙂


The star of the night! Baklava Cheesecake!  🙂
Omg, it was so good! It was the perfect marriage between Baklava and Cheesecake! They didn’t forget to add walnuts and honey! It was really delicious!

The restaurant was nice and cozy. They had greek music in the background,  which reminded me of the restaurants in my country. The menu was short but to the point.

After our dinner, we went to Muvico to see “2Guns” with Danzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.


It was the perfect ending to our day off. I like these little date nights. This is a good way to hang out and catch up. The weekdays are crazy enough,  so spending time together as much as possible and making the most of it is just priceless. 🙂



About cleaneatstotherescue

I am 27 years old girl with serious passion for healthy living and delicious food! I just created my blog, about my journey back to health, through clean food and exercise. I will be posting my own opinions about my experience with different foods, diets, exercises, etc. ***Please MAKE A NOTE THAT I AM NOT A DOCTOR, PERSONAL TRAINER OR A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL!***
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